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Iran and the P5+1 Accord

Iran and the P5+1 Accord

negotiations between Iran and nominally P5+1, but in reality the US, have led
to an interim
in which Iran will temporarily restrict its nuclear program and
the US will ease some of the sanctions on Iran. This is prelude to a permanent
agreement which will spell out the terms on which Iran can continue its
enrichment program and the complete lifting of all sanctions on Iran.

While we
must all be happy that instead of the daily threats of bombing and another
invasion of a West Asian country by the US and its allies, we have some promise
of peace, the path to a complete understanding on Iran’s nuclear program still
remains rocky 
. The spoilers could be Israel, where Netanyahu has already
threatened the accord, Saudi Arabia which earlier wanted the US to bomb Iran
and of course the US Congress, whose cooperation Obama will need to lift the
sanctions. One should not forget that a number of international treaties and
agreements ??? climate change, Comprehensive Test Ban, etc. ??? have all been held
hostage to the domestic politics of the US.



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