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Why Libya Is a Mayhem State

Libya Is a Mayhem State

ISIS is the least of their problems, as Libya struggles with daily
violence and economic distress.

On October 14, a former Prime Minister of Libya ??? Khalifa
al-Ghwell ??? gathered some supporters at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli and
announced that he was the new head of government. It was a curious moment for
this former engineer from the city of Misrata ??? the hotbed of the anti-Qaddafi
uprising in 2011. Various militia outfits that support al-Ghwell surrounded the
Rixos, but did not have the capacity to seize the main institutions of the
country. It was more like a press conference than a declaration of a coup.

Amongst the gaggle of press were representatives of the television
channel ??? Tanashah TV. This television channel is associated with the grand
mufti Sadiq al-Ghariani who heads the Dar-al-Ifta (The Fatwa Council), Libya???s
leading religious authority. It is said that al-Ghariani backed this ???coup??? by
al-Ghwell because both are in agreement that the United Nations-backed
government should not be given legitimacy.



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