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Iran-India Relations: Celebrating the Legacy of Ebrahim Raisi

With Amb. Iraj Elahi and Prof. Pasha

The Centre for India West Asia Dialogue organized an online webinar titled “Iran-India Relations: The Legacy of Dr. Ebrahim Raisi” to commemorate the pivotal role played by the late Iranian President in strengthening ties between Iran and India. This event was an in-depth exploration of the significant contributions made by Dr. Raisi in fostering bilateral relations and enhancing cooperation between the two nations.

The recording features profound insights from distinguished speakers, including the Iranian Ambassador to India, His Excellency Iraj Ilahi, who provided an overview of the diplomatic efforts and achievements under Dr. Raisi’s leadership.

Ambassador Ilahi emphasized the importance of Iran-India relations in the context of regional stability and economic development. Additionally, Prof. A.K. Pasha, a retired professor from Jawaharlal Nehru University and the current Director of the Centre for India West Asia Dialogue (CIWAD), shared his extensive knowledge on the subject.

Prof. Pasha discussed the historical context of Iran-India relations, highlighting key milestones and strategic initiatives that have shaped the partnership over the years. He also addressed contemporary issues such as the impact of US sanctions on bilateral trade, the strategic significance of the Chabahar Port, and the broader geopolitical dynamics involving China and Pakistan.

The webinar served as a platform for a comprehensive discussion on the enduring legacy of Dr. Ebrahim Raisi, shedding light on his efforts to solidify the Iran-India relationship and the potential future avenues for collaboration. The insights provided by the esteemed speakers underscored the multifaceted nature of this bilateral relationship and its crucial role in the geopolitics of the region.



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