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Syrian amb. to India: Syrians in India ready to cast their ballots

The Syrian ambassador to India says after these elections, he hopes that groups will stop sponsoring terrorism in Syria and the civil war that has been on since 2011 will come to an end. Riad Abbas was speaking in an interview with CCTV India correspondent Shweta Bajaj. The ambassador encouraged all Syrians to come out and vote. And in a strongly worded statement, Abbas said Syrians will not let anyone else tell them what to do with their country.”We have with us Syrian ambassador to India on the elections that are going to happen very soon in the country, his excellency Riad Abbad. Ambassador many thanks for speaking with CCTV. Ambassador first of all Syria is going to elect democratically a new president and the government has allowed various embassies and consulates around the world to open their embassies to let people cast their vote. How important is this step???? said Shweta Bajaj, New Delhi.CCTV India correspondent Shweta BajajCCTV India correspondent Shweta Bajaj???The end to the infighting in Syria is the most important for us. After these elections, there is no excuse for any other country to continue supporting terrorist groups on our grounds. What people have to do is they have freedom, they have to vote for anyone they like in the presidential elections. For example here in India, our people convinced me and pressed me to open box of election.??? said Riad Abbas, Syrian Ambassador to India.”For Syrian people how important is the fact that they cast their vote and also there are lot of Syrian refugees around the world, so the numbers are large. What are they looking for???? said Shweta Bajaj, New Delhi.”Our government welcomes all refugees to come back to his homeland to Syria. But for those who live outside, they have full right. Nobody has stopped them to practice their choice in these elections. They can go to any nearby embassy and participate in this democratic operation in Syria. Nobody can tell them no and nobody can tell them yes. They have full



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