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Hezbollah, Mossad And Lodhi Colony

Like any other Class XII student across the country, Turab Kazmi ought to have been busy with his board exams this time of the year. Instead, he finds himself defending his father and trying to clear his name of the several damning charges thrown at him by the police and the media. ???It really hurts to see someone who has spent over 25 years trying to report the truth and not worry about his family being accused and framed this way,??? he says, seated in his father???s office-cum-residence in central Delhi.A bag with an Air Arabia tag and an Iranian Press TV logo in the small room tell the story of senior freelance journalist Syed Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi???s close professional engagement with West Asia. A fluent Arabic and Persian speaker, a well-known critic of Israel and a government-accredited journalist for over two decades, Kazmi had covered the 2003 attack on Iraq and was a regular freelance contributor to Iran???s Radio Tehran. But on March 6, after reading out the morning news bulletin on DD Urdu, he found himself in the news when he was arrested by the Delhi police on suspicions of having helped three Iranian nationals execute a bomb blast in the capital on February 13. The blast had injured the wife of an Israeli diplomat and her driver.Back home, like on any other day, Turab was waiting for his father to come for mid-day prayers and lunch but he didn???t. The family panicked after his phone remained unreachable and frantic calls to colleagues and friends yielded no information. It was only at 9.30 pm, when plainclothesmen from the police walked into their house for a search that they realised he had been arrested. ???They still didn???t give any information but took away a laptop and a desktop, my father???s PIB card, passport and other documents; even my mother???s mobile phone,??? says Turab. His elder brother then went to the nearby Lodhi Colony police station, where he was told that Kazmi Sr was being held at the neighbouring special branch office. ???I



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