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Abraham’s Triangle

Narendra Modi is already on the home-stretch to finishing his second year in office as Ind­ia???s prime minister but a visit to Israel???a country that most people thought he would rush to soon after assuming the coveted office in South Block???has not happened. And if MEA officials are to be believed, a prime ministerial visit to Israel will have to wait even longer???probably till next year.The delay is both interesting and intri­guing. Has Modi had a change of heart or have the Israeli stocks (which were supposed to rise in India under this government) suddenly started falling?Advertisement opens in new windowOf course the latter is far from true even though the ground reality of West Asia has forced the BJP-led NDA government in Delhi to take a more pragmatic view on dealing with the countries in the region to safeguard India???s interest.Weary South Block officials point out the obvious: juggling with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel???three major but hostile powers in West Asia???and maintaining strategic partnerships individually with each, will never be a walk in the park. But now Delhi has to cope with a more proximate dilemma: which of the three countries should the PM visit first????The challenge in the new ­scenario in West Asia is quite difficult. India actively needs to ­contribute to restoring peace in the region….??? Talmiz Ahmad, Former ambassador to Saudi ArabiaThe inherent rivalry between the three has only intensified in the wake of Iran???s nuclear deal with the US. The agreement not only brings Iran back in the mainstream of the international community after years of isolation but also allows Tehran to reclaim its place in West Asian politics and lend its heft to rearrange the balance of power in the region.In turn, this has led to a hasty reshuffle among other countries in the neighbourhood. It has certainly brought Saudi Arabia and Israel closer as both have serious concerns over Iran. And it has aggravated the old Shia-Sunni divide in th



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