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Why Egypt Matters

The year 2011 will be marked in history as the Arab Awakening, triggered by people from all ages and walks of life in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya demanding legitimate rights in life: “Bread, Social Justice, Dignity and Freedom,” the need for accountable leaders and constitutions that guarantee equal treatment for all and prohibit discrimination because of sex, religion or race. In Western terms, people demanded governance in an inclusive manner without favoring one group over another.The Muslim Brotherhood failed to recognize that Egyptians will no longer live in servitude, under the thumb of any leader who claims that he is president for all while favoring his own party. This triggered the end of Mohamed Morsi’s rule. Essam El-Errian, member of the guidance council of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, wrote in The New York Times, 11 February 2011: “We aim to achieve reform and rights for all: not just for Muslim Brotherhood, not just for Muslims, but for all Egyptians.” Despite such promises, the Egyptian people saw little reform and worsening economic conditions, with bread shortages, electricity outages, a lack of job opportunities, price hikes in basic consumer items and deteriorating security conditions in the streets. Islamization of the society began in an unprecedented manner, with political decisions under a religious guise. This infuriated many Egyptians, many pious by nature.Unfulfilled promises led to frustration over the regime’s continuous denial of its undemocratic ,theocratic rule and the 30 June demonstrations ??? with more than 20 million gathered in all provinces of Egypt demanding the ouster of President Morsi. More than 33 million Egyptians led by a group called Tamarud, Arabic for “rebellion,” signed petitions demanding the regime???s end. Clearly, democracy does not stop at the ballot box. Egyptians denounced an authoritarian regime that was polarizing and mismanaging the country, chanting the famous lines of Abu Qassem El-Shabi, “Wh



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