The Real Bomb

YEARS AGO I disclosed one of the biggest secrets about Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was an agent of the Mossad.Suddenly, all the curious details of his behaviour made sense. His public fantasies about the disappearance of Israel. His denial of the Holocaust, which until then had been typical only of a lunatic fringe. His boasting about Iran???s nuclear capabilities.Cui bono? Who had an interest in all this nonsense?There is only one sensible answer: Israel.His posturing depicted Iran as a state which was both ridiculous and sinister. It justified Israel???s refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or to ratify the Chemical Weapons Convention. It diverted attention from Israel???s refusal to discuss the occupation of the Palestinian territories or hold meaningful peace negotiations. ANY DOUBT that I may have felt about this international scoop has evaporated now.Our political and military leaders almost openly bemoan the demise of Ahmadinejad. Obviously, the Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei, decided that I was right and has quietly disposed of this clown. Worse, he has reaffirmed his deadly enmity to the Zionist Entity by pushing forward a person like Hassan Rouhani.Rouhani is the very opposite of his predecessor. If the Mossad had been asked to sketch the worst possible Iranian leader Israel could imagine, they would have come up with someone like him.An Iranian who recognizes and condemns the Holocaust! An Iranian man who offers sweetness and light! An Iranian who wishes peace and friendship on all nations ??? even hinting that Israel could be included, if only we give up the occupied Palestinian territories!Could you imagine anything worse?I AM not joking. This is deadly serious!Even before Rouhani could open his mouth after his election, he was condemned outright by Binyamin Netanyahu.A wolf in sheep???s clothing! A real anti-Semite! A cheat out to deceive the whole world! A devious politician whose devilish aim is to drive a wedge between Isra



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