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Relaying Blood Telegrams

India, a victim of terrorism in the past dec­ades in which thousands have been killed, and which witnessed the audacious 26/11 attack in 2008, has an unambiguous line on this worldwide scourge. Fortunately, the last six years have been free of major terror strikes. But the barbaric attack by the Taliban on schoolchildren in Peshawar, follo­wed closely by a suicide-bombing in a bank in Afghanistan???s Helmand, is a cruel reminder of this ???clear and present??? danger. The instability in Pakistan, the uncertainty in Afghanistan after the withdrawal by the US and NATO troops and the rise of ISIS in West Asia???a region critically linked to India???s development and growth???have all added to pose a serious challenge to Indian policy planners.???It is a serious concern…since it shows the level of indoctrination of these militants and their determination to go for any target, including innocent schoolchildren,??? says India???s former ambassador to Afghanistan, Vivek Katju. However, he is quick to wonder if such attacks will bring a change in Pakistan???s policy: ???Will Pakistan now change its course????The question is foremost in the minds of many, as they ponder how much of an effect it will have on Pakistan. Would its mil­itary abandon the policy of making a distinction between terrorists it can control and those it wants to eliminate? Obs­ervers in New Delhi feel that though the Pakistani army is trying to fight the TTP, it has been making deals with the Afghan Tal­iban and members of the Haqqani network, act­ive in Afghanistan. There have also been signs that the ties bet­ween the ISI and terror groups in its Punjab province have remained cosy.???Perhaps this is a good time for India to take the initiative and engage with Pakistan in a serious manner on the issue of counter-terrorism,??? says C. Raja Mohan of the Observer Research Foundation.Officially so far, India has tried to reach out to Pakistan in their hour of tragedy. PM Narendra Modi called up his Pakis



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