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ISIS Threat To J&K

According to ISIS ??? India, the ‘Hindu nation’ is possibly the next major objective for Islamisation; or beheading, or whatever! Sikhs, Christians, Budhists, Shias, Atheists, Parsis, and all the hundred or so religious denominations are also going to see the sharp end of the sword, unless converted to Islam. World domination has always been their long term terror plan; but in the short term, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) appeals to their quest as a stepping stone for South Asian ambitions. This is not unrealistic. The World is already on the threshold of calamitous political and social upheaval in the Middle East. If the security environment of J&K State is what it is today, then the tragedy is likely to unfold sooner, than later.The government’s discernment so far, to this intended part fulfilment of the Caliphate, has been to watch this distant tragedy unfold with a measured indifference, such as the bailing out of stranded Indians trapped in the conflict, or bringing to the notice of the UN the pronouncement of 1000 Imams that what the ISIS is doing is horrific and does not reflect any aspirations for Muslims in the sub-continent, despite the recruitment drive for ISIS in South India and Kashmir, or the ISIS flag being waved energetically in Kashmir, and even an Indian citizen, a woman from Hyderabad, declaring that a Caliphate will be established in the World. This may seem insignificant in our great diversity as a nation, but the undercurrents of Terrorism, Religious Fanaticism, and International Political subterfuge, are not so easily discernible. Somehow, this dream of World conquest shows no indication of compassion for Syrian refugees by Muslim nations.In the Middle East and Africa ??? two remote destinations ??? Indian politics is scrutinising the success or failure of the Caliphate; however, ominous forebodings for India are evident. The World is witnessing a deadly fratricidal turmoil in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt; the whole of the Arabian



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